Search Engine Optimization Services

We provide high quality Search Engine Optimization service.

  1. Keyword Analysis & Strategy
  2. Website Architecture Optimization
  3. Link Building
  4. Content Strategy & Optimization
  5. Infographic Creation

Website Analysis
The first thing that we do is the detailed analysis of your website.

Keyword Research
Next we do is relevant keyword research for your website.

Content Optimization
Then we create optimized and unique content for the audience.

Competitor Analysis
Through Competitor Analysis we analyze the industry trends, objectives and strategy.

On Page Optimization
On Page Optimization – It is the important aspect of Search Engine Optimization done within the website.

Off Page Optimization
We make strategy for manual Off-page submission for better and authentic result.

 tzar Venture is a leading SEO Services that offers a range of excellent services such as search engine optimization (SEO), Keyword Research Analysis, Content Creation and Optimization, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Internet Marketing, Web Development and Web Development Services to all sized business. Our result oriented services are designed to help your online business grow to your expectations and excel in profits against your competitors.

Our objective is to help your business grow with our lucrative ideas and also enhance your online presence. To serve you in a better way, we have recruited highly competent and dedicated professionals who have impressive knowledge about their respective fields and contemporary technology.

For internet marketing, we have a team of SEO experts to optimize your website and develop strategy to rank your websites on the popular search engines and social media network as they are familiar with the guidelines. Take a look on the benefits of Tzar Venture SEO Services

Why Should You Believe In Our SEO Services?

Tzar Venture is a leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency that offers you complete strategy on Keyword Research Analysis, Content Creation and Optimization and Social Media Optimization (SMO). Our result oriented services are designed to help you grow your business beyond your expectations.

Our objective is to enhance your online presence and bring as much traffic to your website as possible. To serve you in a better way, we have an excellent team of experienced and highly competent professionals who have in-depth knowledge of their respective field.
For internet marketing, we have a team of SEO experts to optimize your website and develop strategy to rank your websites on the popular search engines and social media network as they are familiar with the guidelines. Take a look on the benefits of Tzar Venture SEO Services

SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.


50% of sales
Our best result – up to 50% of the customer revenue through SEO
5% conversion rate
Increase in website visitior by 5% for our clients
Customers stay with you for a long time
You are 2-3 times longer communicating with your clients, respectively purchases also 2-3 times more
Payback in 2-3 months
One of our customer’ SEO shows 30% more payback than other channels of internet advertising. The average check increased by 40% from SEO
60% of repeat sales
The highest rate for repeat sales through personalized offers and its series of reminders
At 3-5 times more money from the customer
A customer brings in an average of 3-5 times more money by staying loyal customer forever

What results can be expected in your project?

We do competitor analysis and strategic analysis which increases the probability of a positive result upto 80%.

What we do?

Local fame
Press-releases and links at all local directories and forums
On-page SEO
Optimization of HTML code and page content
Conversion optimization
Increasing conversion of the percentage of visitors into customers
Competitive research
Find the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors
Content marketing
Create content that attract attention
Link building
Let search engines know about your website


    Free consultation

    Let's discuss your project

    You will receive a brief free consultation from one of our leading marketers.
    The consultation includes:

    • General errors of your site in terms of marketing, usability and design
    • Recommendations of changes, A/B testing and selection of strategies to increase the conversion of site

    Benefits of Using Search Engine Optimization Services

    Organic search engine optimization, leading to increase in website traffic, is a tremendous benefit of search engine optimization. SEO is an organic process that improves the position of your website on search engine results pages (SERPs). An effective SEO plan will help bring your web pages in front of a relevant audience through relevant search queries.

    The most critical benefit of search engine optimization is increased traffic. It is this traffic that brings in new customers and generates new sales. When you do organic search engine optimization, you improve the ranking of your pages on SERPs. This means more traffic and more potential customers. Traffic that comes organically is more targeted than non-organic traffic. It is also less likely to be a non-niche traffic source.

    Another benefit of search engine optimization services is the use of social media in promoting your business. Social media provides a venue for link building. Link building can help you to achieve organic search engine results pages (SERPs) for your business. With links from other sites, your page will appear more often when searched for. It will be easier for your customers to locate you through social media.

    Social media

    Social media tactics are a great way to stay ahead of the competition. With the recent algorithm changes, Google has become stricter with the quality of links that are being attached to individual webpages. These tactics can be very effective at helping you increase ranking. Social media is currently the third most popular source for link building outside of the major search engines. There are a variety of tactics you can employ to increase linking and thus increase your chances of reaching higher rankings.

    One of the most important things to remember about search engines is that you will only have as much backlinking as the amount of authority your website has. A site with a few hundred links is considered to have very little authority. Authority, which is also known as authority figures, will help to determine the number of incoming backlinks. The more high quality authority website you have, the better.

    Search engine optimization

    Search engine optimization services can help you to get the maximum benefit for your online marketing campaign. By using tactics that are not too aggressive, you can help to keep your page rank low. You should also aim to rank as high as you can within the first few pages of the search engines. By focusing on these basics you can get the best companies to help you optimize your page rank for your specific niche.